Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Having a Blast!

The painting is titled Julia, again my mom’s work
This is my favorite! It is a colorized picture of my Grandmother! Enjoy!
Here I am back at the Gallery today, wonderful news, three new artists, have signed on!
Yeah time to cheer!! Busy! Busy! Busy! Oh how I love being here, doing my art, meeting tons of great people, the artists are amazing!
I’m sorry my computer work is lagging; this is our busy season up here.
About thirty people a day are in, which is great for the artists. Supper opportunity for me, but tiring for me!
He! He, rather be tired from this than cleaning house!!!
I really enjoy promoting artists, go figure! Who knows in a month I might get sick of it, but right now I am enjoying the journey!
PS. Started shooting my videos! We did a photo shoot yesterday with one of our international artists!
I can’t wait to share them with you!
Keep creating! Caroline

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