Friday, June 19, 2009

The Artist

I didn’t mention the information yesterday, about the artist with all the announcements. He wouldn’t have received all the credit he deserves!
Title: Woman at Potato Picking (displayed @ the Philip Hone Gallery)
The artist is Olaf Sigurdsson; what a artist! He was born in Iceland. Olaf migrated to the USA. Now, he resides and works in Forrest City, PA.
What a vibrant personality, appearing above & beyond the Imagery of the Viking Era. His favorite subjects to paint are the landscapes of Iceland.

Olaf has won numerous awards, and appeared in many group and public showings. He is an enormous support within our community . As some of you might recognize his painting above, Jerry Garcia made the cover of Connections Magazine! Besides showing his work at the Antoine Dutot Museum We are so happy to have him in our family of artists!
My hopes are that he will definitely commit to my pilot show! Have a great weekend!Keep inspiring others to create!
if interested in any of the work mentioned contact the Philip Hone Gallery 570-253-5577

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