Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This is the first of many press releases that I currently working on, so you get the first look at them. Please remember it has been twenty years… at least! hehehe since I was in school, I am a little rusty!

Drumline in Honesdale
The arts have officially arrived to Honesdale with the multitude of events happening at the Philip Hone Gallery. First they played host to our own local “Drumline”. Similar to the famous movie “Drumline,” the Show took you to a world most of us never venture. Like many true music lovers I attended the show, only to be pleasantly surprised. I found a treasure of amazing music, people & fine art, at this simply charming gallery. Unlike reruns on TV, being there and experiencing the pounding rhythm vibrating through your entire body was an experience I won’t soon forget.
Thomas Dohemy and Nathaniel Whitmore performed a variety of beats with masters’ precision. The drum cadence opened with two performers with large handmade ceremonial drums. Then each audience member joined in one at a time. The fortunate few who are musically talented carried us lesser musicians along. A true small symphony of drums was created. An energetic, enthusiastic leader explained each instrument to the audience. They came fully supplied with a vast variety of unique and unusual musical instruments! Thomas Dohemy a local artesian himself, hand made the drums with exotic materials. A large Gong, snare drums, bells, and a vast array of instruments were available to play.
I’ve been told that it is truly healing to find freedom with the creative expression of the drumline. Traditionally, authentic, ritual drum rhythms are designed to put the listener into a deep spiritual trance. What I do know; that it was a diverse collection of people with positive energy in a healthy, uplifting atmosphere. I had a fantastic time it was a magical event.
The Philip Hone Gallery is a must see for any art enthusiast. A renovated 1800’s building is a wonderful addition to our artistic town. In the midst of the summer weather and the arrival of new people to our area, the Philip Hone Gallery eager to bring the latest and best, emerging talent here to Honesdale.
Our own vibrant Robert Neil reins in as the champion of finding this season’s plethora of talent. Here they’ve managed to keep the quintessential, down home aura with the big city brilliance to boot. Ambience galore, the raw contrast between the antique, silver tins, (the charm of yesteryear) melded against the young vigor of tomorrow’s talent, the gallery is fabulous!! Look for their events at their website http://www.philiphonegallery.com/ or visit them at 754 Main Street ,Honesdale.

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