Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Bad Day

The photos were from this morning, the local gang! The farm was on the way to work in a small town called Hamlin.

Today, a lady kindly informed me my title was misspelled! Thank you so much for telling me. After all these months!! You know I am definitely burning the candle at both ends. Upon reading your comment, I’ve realized maybe this journey needs to take a pit stop! A deep breathe…
The Studio news:
My first attempt at the photo shoot, on Saturday was a horrible blunder!! Both of my camera’s broke down, in the pouring rain! At least it happened now and not when I start filming!! It was such a shame that it rained terribly, and to top things off..
I happened to find out that there was a whole bunch of artists I missed at the Roots & Rhythm event this past weekend. I knew there were more, I missed a whole bunch of friends, I thought they went home, because of the rain. What a kicker!

The Saving Grace… One wonderful day with Dad!
The weekend ended wonderfully for me! Enjoying the day with my Pop!
Then back to business, and wouldn't you know it! the hot water heater went in the New Jersey house, with what little I had left, well … The rest of what I owned ruined!
I have gallantly tried to purse being an artist, but I wonder; does God have other plans for me? As most of you know, I have MS, and with the four children, the gallery, and the home front with my husband, a woman can only juggle so much.
I will continue believing & having faith that God will provide and everything will work out.
I would love it if you would keep me in your prayers.

PS with the blog... I am behind on most of my posts and my cacti, I will scan them in later this week, thank you all for your kind comments!
Have a great night and keep creating. Sincerely Caroline


  1. Caroline- Thanks for taking time to stop by my blog & comment! I admire your energy to "wear many hats"! I didn't become a full-time artist until my children were grown. Even then, I had to finally declare myself retired from my husband's construction business to claim my own time & space. It's not easy...especially starting so late in life & in this economy. I wish you & your gallery much success! Hey, did you notice in the photo of the deer that there is a dish receiver on the back of the barn...what a hoot!

  2. Let me know when your gallery branches out beyond regional artists. About the spelling... only a friend will tell you when there is spinach in your teeth! Oh, and I love your avatar!