Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Direction for Me?

Another Direction for Me?

It’s been such a struggle to try and work at both the gallery and my studio. The last two weeks I’ve been at the gallery and not one day at my studio. The gallery is amazing!
I truly love meeting all the people, the artists are fantastic! I have delayed the Neverland opening until September. We have gone thru some changes, some for the better, and some for the worse. I will spare you all the nitty gritty details, but my good friend and mentor Bob, will only be there on weekends, and I will be there during the week.

I am happy to make the official announcement here! The opportunity of a lifetime, I have been appointed the position of curator!!!! Alright, for now curator in training… but I am extremely excited and scared. I will be working closely with Bob Neil training and getting to know all the artists!
And at the same time: I am also going to make another announcement:

We are looking for Honesdale/Scranton Pennsylvania Artists!!

The Philip Hone Gallery is now excepting new artists for display as of June 20, 2009.
We currently reside in a charming renovated 1800’s building located in the center of Historic Honesdale. This is a perfect backdrop and venue for our local artists to display their work and be seen. The Gallery supports our local talent, either emerging or established artists are welcome.

We maintain monthly shows, features, and promote our artists through ad space, reviews in the local papers, and our vast mailing list. Our new management has added the internet promotion & digital marketing for our artists. There is an assortment of opportunities available here for our artists. We are a venue to get exposure and recognition, including the internet to a broad and worldwide audience.

Exhibit Consideration:
Original art in a variety of two-dimensional and three-dimensional media, including painting, drawing, multi-media, collage, photography, printmaking, sculpture, pottery, and some installations. Artists are invited to submit their original artwork for exhibit consideration. The hours of operation are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 10am – 2pm, Friday 10am -6pm, Saturday 10am – 4pm and Sundays are by appointment, event, or private showing.

If you believe your work is appropriate for the Gallery; please call 570-253-5577 for an appointment. Artists will be informed if they are selected to exhibit; at which time an artist agreement will be sent for review and consideration.

Following review; submission materials will be returned, artists will be notified directly by the Gallery.

Digital Submissions:
Digital Criteria for submittal:
Digital Images: 300dpi jpegs (no wider or taller than 600 pixels) with size, media & description. (Mark CD’s with Label including Artist’s name & contact information)
Current contact information; artist biography, current exhibitions and representation.
Web Site and email address, if applicable.

Emailed directly to: Caroline Denaro at

I hope to see some of my friends signing up!!


  1. Hi Caroline, I saw your note on ABCs Across the World blog and being one of the administrators, I give you permission to write about us! Thanks for the interest.

  2. Hi Caroline, I'm one of the ABC-ers too! Have trawled your blog and have really enjoyed your journey to Neverneverland. Keep it up.

  3. I know it's ticky...but check the spelling of the word "Beginning" in your header.