Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sorry no picture today!
Studio Update: Both camera’s need repair; (the still camera & the new video one) and over half of my art and equipment is ruined.
We have an extreme issue of deadly, black mold! I’m at a real loss as to what to do! This week had been a rollercoaster of sorts; Loss does that to us, gets us thinking, and thinking! I won’t go into too much detail; but I really needed a morning off, so I took it! I stayed in and slept two extra hours, feeling so guilty! So behind on everything! What else is new, I believe anyone who starts their own business must go thru this!
So with everything going wrong, I have decided to stop the focus on the renovations at the studio; and get some work ready for the opening! I am debating on which date for the opening. It looks like it will be May 29th !!! the Friday night before Memorial Day Weekend!! Start the season off right!! Please give me opinions; suggestions what would everyone like? or what NOT to do!! Here is your chance!! Now write something!! All opinions welcome! what should I sell? Type of Art, people animals….etc. What food should I have the night of the opening? Music?
Actual work on studio:
We have all the molding and trim, I am waiting for the contractor! Here it is Saturday, and they said that they would be there tonight! “Lets see!”
We are all creatures of habit; I love it when things go as planned….. But; they rarely do! I am learning that all things change and to embrace the change. Especially daily!! Monday I plan on, drawing at the studio; Its wonderful to get back into a schedule again, I hope it works! Have a great weekend! Caroline

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