Monday, March 23, 2009

What a week!

Well as life goes; there are ups and there are downs! I’ve kept quiet and kept going, being the dutiful wife & mother, and all mention of that “argument” have settled down! A matter of fact…..He said he will be going there tonight? Huh? I’m not sure what is going thru his mind, but I said “that’s nice honey”…..
I really, really don’t want to get him upset again!!
So let me explain explain my week…. two of my girls are sick; Ashley(14) has Mono, yes mono!!! And my little Angelina (7)is being sent to a neurologist!!! I am extremely worried; she started this nervous tick (not the bug!!!) thing with her head this last week! All of a sudden this started! We had her seen by the doctor; Friday and he didn’t see any cause for this, thus the neurologist!! First thing today; I will be calling; hopefully I can get her in quickly!!
So keep her in your prayers! Please!
All the troubles with the business; it don’t compare…. not in the least, to the pain of anything happening to my children; so now looking back on the week; its just fine if the studio doesn’t open on time, what really matters is my family!!
The Studio:
What I managed to complete this week; I got to paint over all the black paint on the flower mural with black board paint and now it is a black board!! So hot; and next magnetic paint for the flower …..So cool; I might have to special order it; I can’t seem to find it around here! The trim is coming along….. I am painting it!! And painting it!!!! And painting it!! All in all…..It has been one of those weeks!
I was way too busy to get the camera’s mailed out for repair; sorry, I will try this week!!!
I hope everyone else is doing better than I. This coming week should be great! Good things to come!
Keep being Creative!

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