Monday, March 2, 2009

Studio March 02, 2009

Finally the brick and I love it! What do you think so far???

These are the latest pictures of the studio; I am extremely excited about the progress, the last week and a half have been at home with the cloud of sickness above me & the children......Nothing at all got done. Keep me in your prayers for strength, too many obstacles have me going off the deep end!
Some new friends are more like back stabbers, and all promises from helpful people have been broken. I have to learn to keep my plans and ideas to myself. Yes I am wallowing is self pity!! Too much work just to try and work! I wish there was a manual on how to be a working mom and survive!!! It would make a mint!!
I hope you enjoy all the photos of hard work from Johnny & his friend Mike. They chipped away at the plaster and over 3 inches and 30 garbage bags of crap! I will post more real soon. ---- As you can tell, I had to move all the posts from another place to here and everything went in at once , hopefully you can understand!

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