Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A View from a Window

A little view from my window Sunday night ……. I love a beautiful storm from inside! The light and view from my office window is amazing! I can’t wait to start painting there.
Today I went to New Jersey, just got back, I had a great business meeting with a fantastic artist! I love his work; hopefully he will do my logos & signs, I will post them when there done. I hate doing lettering; it isn’t one of my strong points. I am doing a peter pan outline around my sign! I think it will be wild, who knows maybe corny?
I’ve been cruising the neighborhood looking at blogs of other artists, dam! I wish I didn’t ….I felt extremely scared; intimidated!! maybe this is too much to handle with all that is going on right now.
Starting a business in the art field during a depression, with four kids and MS!!! I guess I am crazy after all. The sad thing is this is all I can do! Oh well….Just posting a quick picture now, I have a ton of appointments today yet to go…… and won’t be able to post tonight. I plan on clasping around 4:00 pm during homework with the kids! Hopefully they won’t throw water on me! Just a blanket.
For all you other newbie wannabes….
I found out that the blogging community is so supportive and the environment is highly addictive!!
Thanks for the support; and ps!! PLEASE post your comments here not at the other site!!! I love you guys!! Caroline

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  1. Wow the site looks great!! I love the picture outside your window...Your not only a GREAT artist, your also a GREAT photographer!!