Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wonderful Sunday!

Just thought a little photo of the building…… Original photo!
Courtesy of the Phillip Hone Gallery
Studio News:
Today the plumbers are busy working!!! Yeah. My kitchen sink will be in soon! I am home working on the business plan. Ugh!!!
Kids swinging from the chandelier, Dog eating off the table, and teenagers blasting music; normal home life stuff!
I seem to be loosing some ground with all the formal business stuff! Any advice?
Blogging has become such a wonderful…. time waster for me!!
It’s addicting! Up here in the boonies, friends are really far away, the country side is amazing, but being so isolated has limited my friend making! Since moving here and loosing contact with all my peeps….. (2hrs away) sigh….
Its wonderful to find some new ones!! I love imagining what they are doing. Most of the peeps I’ve met here (blogging) are so talented!! A wonderful quirky neighborhood!!
I am not sure of 99% of what I am doing here. But if I am going to get back to LIFE!! I need to start somewhere. Hence my continual pleas for assistance…. Technology has come so far. I think I will hire a teenager monthly to show me!(hehe)

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