Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sorry for the Rambling Yesterday!

Wow I just read the post from yesterday, my apologies. I am new to this. I will try and edit my posts in the future, while not being a rambling mess; sorry guys!
Back to news about the studio; Today I managed to paint the large window & half of the trim, in the entrance room. I am still trying to decide what to do with it! I really would love to have a nice small desk and possibly a bench under the window? But the walls are old paneling, yuk!!! I have decided to just paint it for now.
Which as we creative types know is a cop out! I really wanted to do another treatment. I have a mural idea but I don’t believe I could do it by April 1st !
Maybe I could say April Fools there is no opening!!!
I promised to post for my aunt and two friends; one in florida another in California who also posts (non parent;. (hi guys!) I hate to say this but my day started at 6am and I am just sitting down now at 11pm! After coming home @ 7pm cooking, bathing the children, homework, cleaning up and finally bed time kisses……. my personal favorite time! I am exhausted! How the hell do you working mothers do this crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!
…. If there are any mom’s out there who do both and….. can lead me down the right road, maybe some hints…. please let me know. Didn’t I just say I wouldn’t vent, well only one person read this stuff anyway, maybe some one will show up and actually write to me?……….there we go again….. Its late.
The empty store below me is getting renovated; hopefully there will be a fabulous store there! Bringing loads of creative peeps!
I am going to post two pictures tonight, for my best girl Heather who’s birthday is Friday!!!! Can’t wait to go out with her and get a little tipsy!!!! I did her nephew’s portrait last week; have a little more to do and I drew her a dragon she picked out for Christmas. Hope you enjoy them and I will post the final portrait when it is finished! Hopefully I will see you tomorrow!
Keep creating!!!!

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