Saturday, March 7, 2009

DOES this daily entry count?

The picture is a close up section of a mural I did! this was done in a monochrome scheme for the client who wanted it to match even if they changed the decor.
any opinions?

The Daily Words Dale Carnegie:
Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.

DOES this daily entry count? It’s almost midnight and posting daily……well it’s drivin’ me crazy!!!
I don’t understand how all these people write intelligent pages….. upon pages every day. They must not have real lives or at least a social life. All the blogs I’ve seen appear to be professional writers; and/or others idiots!!! I guess I fall under the idiot category! One on my favorite bloggers stated on her video blog “there are hater sites totally dedicated to trashing MOTHERS WHO BLOG.” If anyone knows of these sites please forward me the address. I would love to check them out.
I guess writing about being locked in my son’s bathroom for 2 hours really bores the hell out of most. That’s what really happened! (Johnny) I was trying to follow someone’s advise; to write about my life. Frankly my life is either illegal as hell or boring as shit, so something else needs to be written about. That’s why I asked all my friends to comment and give me their opinion.
The studio NEWS: Five kids came to work with me; I believe that states it all! However, unbelievably, I managed four pages of research for the business plan. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I believe with all this thought on blogging;
I will be doing more of writing meaningful stuff; instead of daily crap; so to my peeps….. I love you; and I am sure you are tired of all the crap in the inbox. love and goodnight Caroline


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  1. Caroline! I love your blog.. and it's not boring as shit!
    Check out
    love deb