Sunday, March 8, 2009

A little Poem:
Sometimes our hearts get tangledAnd our souls a little off-kilterFriends and family can set us rightAnd help guide us back to the light.~Sera Christann

Today at the studio; My daughters and I spent the day at the studio; We first met up with my Cousin Mike and his wonderful family, his son Mikey is so cute!!! Anyway hopefully our little plan will…… be up and running by Memorial Day Weekend.
Then I worked out the style to be used in the entrance hallway; I am going to try and paint a small forest!! Don’t laugh they have these wall stickers out, at Pier 1; I really like them; I am going to give painting something like them a try! I understand it isn’t the most original idea out there…. but at the moment I am concentrating on getting the renovation work done, and the wall art ready for the real art to be hung! So a little vegging on the entrance idea should be fine!! I plan to hang paintings and drawings over the forest.
Again there were delays with the carpenter/contractor guy!! Waiting to get the molding up, and the mini kitchen ruff up! And some cabinets, for storage, this will all be great. So I can get organized and get my stuff in. I am getting super tired going back and forth with boxes of stuff I might need!!
I am somewhat relieved that my opening is going to be delayed. I really wanted to be open April 1st, maybe a miracle will come along? but till then....

There are so many little things to work out. I am trying to have a website up and running. I am having trouble setting my prices! Unfortunately, just like thousands of artists out there, just making a minimum wage for the hours you put in to one piece of work, and then getting $50.00 for it, and it took over 30hours!!!!!
I guess the next couple of weeks I will be cruising around the internet for ideas and price comparisons.

Going away for a couple of days!

Monday and Tuesday I will be traveling back home to see the family; great grandma passed away yesterday. My prayers go out to the family! Especially MOM! (I love you)

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