Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sick Again....

Well the whole month has been fueled with sickness!! I knew it was bound to happento me.
Now I have been in bed for two days with a stomach bug! Shall i say virus? Considering that I am allergic to everything... who knows? Maybe a bad reaction? The children and "spouse" are hating me right now, everything is a mess, laundry needs doing, animals need feeding and I don't care!! Shall I say I wish I could.... and move to do something about it! Hell no!
I hope everyone else is doing better? Either way.... no one ever says hi? Now what is that all about? Bloggers don't just stop in and say hi?
Studio News!
The enormous job of running wires has now been completed! I think there are over 24 lines of cord for computer stuff! God knows why we will need that much but it's there!
The painting in the lounge area has started. A beautiful dark green that goes great with the brick is on two walls. That area is right infront of the big front window, there is pleanty of light there. One of my favorite features are those fancy iron window coverings!
I hope to paint huge flowers in white over the green! I keep pondering on which images I should do! Anyway.... BACK TO BED!

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  1. Hi Caroline, thanks for posting a message on my blog, and for your kind comments. It really means a lot to me. It's inspiring that you are able to create art even while battling medical issues. I hope you will keep in touch! Darla